Gioco Solutions Monocrystaline solar panels 37W, 56W, 75W, 85W, 95W, 150W and 170W

Waterproof, solid and highly flexible solar panels for multi purposes. Designed to combine performance, efficiency, durability and easy installation.

A perfect solution to the following areas:

  • Motorhomes
  • Sailing boats
  • Caravan(s) and popup campers
  • Yachts
  • Commercial trucks
  • Expedition vehicles
  • Commercial trailers
  • Off-grid applications
  • Remote communication sites
  • ...and much more


Using aerospace grade fiberglass instead of steel or aluminum, the Gioco Solutions is much more flexible than comparable solar modules. Curved surfaces such as boat decks or caravan alcoves are easily mounted, making use of space that would normally not be usable. The fiberglass is the same high quality used in airplanes, for maximum durability and product life under all weather conditions.


The Gioco Solutions uses some of the most powerful solar cells. With a solar cell efficiency of 19,5 - 20%, - even in lowlight conditions. 

The solar cells also have an increased heat tolerance quotient, which decreases the impact of surface temperature on power output. This means the hotter it gets, the better they perform compared to other solar cells.


Being a lightweight and thin solar panel has many advantages:

  • A reduced wind resistance on vehicles increases overall fuel efficiency
  • A thin profile is more optically pleasing on vehicle roofs and boat deck
  • Due to its thinness, the  can be walked on when it is installed on a solid surface.

Using superior solar cell technology and a patented encapsulation process, the Gioco Solutions is a extremely lightweight solar panel, weighing up to 80% less than conventional solar panels.

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See sizes below

MODULE WATT CELLS KG. DIM.[mm] Isc[A] [A]max Uoc[V] [V]max
GSC 37 L 37 8 0,70 740x360x1,5 8,45 8,16 5,2 4,64
GSC 56 L 56 12 0.95 1050x360x1,5 8,45 8,16 7,8 6,96
GSC 75 L 75 16 1,25 730x680x1,5 8,45 8,16 10,4 9,28
GSC 75 Q 75 16 1,22 1375x360x1,5 8,45 8,16 10,4 9,28
GSC 85 85 18 1,34 1530x360x1,5 8,45 8,16 11,7 10,44
GSC 95 95 20 1,45 890x680x1,5 8,45 8,25 13,0 11,60
GSC 150 150 32 2,31 1375x680x1,5 8,45 8,16 20,8 18,56
GSC 170 170 36 2,60 1530x680x1,5 8,45 8,16 23,4 20,88
Gioco Solutions Solarpanels
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