Datalogger for the Rehab chargers

Logged data are readable by a NFC card reader (Near Field Communication) by connecting the reader to a USB port of a PC.

  • All data are automatically transferred direct into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet shows any charging errors or events having influence on the battery lifetime by a red color, which make it easy to use for insurance matters or failure searching.
  • You get a very credible evidence of the way the batteries are handled.
  • The report contains all specific information of the charger, such as: Type, S/N, production date, battery type program, programmed voltages and currents.
  • During the charging, the following parameters are measured and logged: Battery Voltage and current, temperature, mains voltage, Ampere hours.
  • The data logging program has predefined limits and will give a written status on all good or bad events and the bad ones will be colored red.

This option are available in all our chargers, price 14€ and we have card readers for sale 40€ excl. VAT


Free software are awailable: links: Windows Installer + Windows program

Download the software to your desktop and click on the Windows installer, then the program will install automatically.

A driver software for the NFC card reader are also available at this link: Reader driver

All software are for 64bit if you need SW for 32Bit then send us an e-mail and we will respond immediately.


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