J.K. Medico markets two series of leisure chargers: HANDY series and FIX series.

The service and leisure sector is in great need of quality chargers! Our customers use our chargers because J.K. Medico do not distinguish between professional chargers and specific leisure chargers. We believe that everyone should have a charger matching all requirements, with an emphasis on functionality, reliability and security.

We have developed different charging programmes which fits perfectly to  all leisure and service demands, like in caravans, mobilhomes (with or without solar panels and multiple batteries), ambulances, golf carts etc.

J.K. Medico's chargers are available in portable versions for both 12V and 24V's batteries, and in versions for fixed mounting with multiple input and output configurations. All J.K. Medico's chargers are based on the use of a patented charging system and a patented topology, that ensures the batteries are always charged optimally in shortest possible time and with very high efficiency. The chargers are computer controlled and can be programmed for all types of batteries. Automatic functions like maintenance charging, monitoring of battery failure, temperature regulation and other safety precautions are standard features. The chargers are characterized by being waterproof, fanless and therefore completely silent. Quality and reliability are the core feature of products from J.K. Medico.

Key features of the leisure chargers:

  • Optimizes battery life
  • Simple operation
  • Low weight and small dimensions
  • Robust and reliable
  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity protected
  • Signals possible battery failure
  • Fanless cooling - no acoustic noise
  • Independent from main, ripple-free charging current
  • Watertight IPX5/X7 and double insulated
  • High efficiency - power saving
  • Compensates for voltage drops in the charging cord
  • Temperature compensated standby charge
  • Medico approved
  • Both types uses a proprietary technique that provides a particularly high efficiency.
Leisure chargers:
  • Golf Carts
  • Caravans
  • Electric Bicycles
  • Electric scooters
  • Freeze/refrigerated containers
  • Ambulance Equipment
  • Backup systems for emergency lighting
  • Alarm systems etc.
We have developed and produced battery chargers since 1981

J.K. Medico is a Danish company with more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing power electronics and control systems.

The company's products are continuously developing as a result of the company's research and the feedback gained from customers and end-users.

J.K. Medico aims to meet the toughest demands with regards to quality, product stability and sustainability. This is reflected in all aspects of the company's activities - from research and development, production, sales, daily applications, service and of course through to follow-up.

J.K. Medico aims to deliver the best product at the right time and at the right price.

Our experienced team ensures the quality and stability required in all of our products. Quality assurance is the cornerstone of our business.


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